Our Staff

Maryann Clesceri, Executive Director

This work is so important to me because of the many women and men that have experienced sexual trauma and feel so alone and isolated. I think that most people in our community have no idea how prevalent sexual violence is in our city and nation. I believe The Healing Center provides a special healing place for survivors to heal and grow. We listen to what survivors say they need from us and try to provide it for them.

Stacy Andraski, Office Support Lead

It's a joy working here at The Healing Center, especially to know there is a safe place for a victim of sexual trauma to go to for support from such a loving and caring staff. A meaningful part for me is seeing survivors grow stronger in their healing journey.

Tricia Damm, Program Director

I value working with survivors of sexual trauma because I feel sexual violence is an epidemic within our society. Such acts are never the survivor's fault and consequently survivors suffer a great aftermath for someone else's inhumane behavior. I enjoy, very much, working with survivors because they all deserve to heal survivors of sexual trauma encompass much resiliency and strength that I respect and commend them for. It takes much courage for survivors to do the healing work and it's humbling to part of that process.

Muneebah Abdullah, Sexual Assault Counselor

Working as a sexual assault counselor at The Healing Center, I am honored to work with our survivors. I cannot imagine a population with which I would rather work. I admire survivors for their courage to walk through The Healing Center’s door, to seek assistance, and to share their life. I promise to continue to strive to do my best to understand our clients in their own terms, and to provide compassion and empathy for them in all that we do.

Erika Riobó-Gómez, Bilingual Sexual Assault Counselor

Working at The Healing Center has been one of the most gratifying, enriching and educational experience I’ve ever had. Many survivors experience several barriers to starting their healing journey, such as a lack of health insurance, a lack of bilingual service providers, and a perception that culturally sensitive services are not available. The Healing Center strives to break these barriers in order to provide quality services to all members of the community. The Healing Center has given me the opportunity to provide safe, caring and compassionate counseling, and to work to improve the services for the Spanish-speaking survivors of sexual abuse and assault in Milwaukee.

Stephanie Collins, Advocate

It is such an honor to work with the women and men we serve here at The Healing Center. I work solely with clients that come to us seeking civil legal advocacy. Many of them face extremely difficult circumstances including lack of safe housing, lack of medical care, and lack of other support and resources to help them meet their basic needs. As an advocate, I assist them in gaining and maintaining stability in their lives so they can focus on their healing process. I thoroughly enjoy watching them grow and helping them take the steps they need to move forward.