Provider Referalls

Letter to Providers Considering a Referral to The Healing Center

Thank you!

Thank you for exploring the Healing Center as a potential supportive resource! We receive many survivor referrals from therapists, alcohol/drug counselors, teachers, probation/parole agents, etc. and we know that it takes time and energy to create these linkages. Thank you for taking the extra step to do so!

How We Work

We are a blended agency of advocates and counselors/therapists, working together to address the myriad needs that survivors may present. Our counselors are Master's level clinicians and Master's level interns. All of our staff receive weekly training and supervision from the Program Director who is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Substance Abuse Counselor in Wisconsin. In addition our Executive Director is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. We provide trauma-informed counseling and support group modalities to facilitate and accelerate the natural healing process for survivors of sexual trauma. We emphasize safety and stability throughout the healing process. We work with survivors to connect them to resources that meet their additional needs. We connect survivors with therapists, drug/alcohol programs, psychiatrists, etc. to create a full and functioning support network. We have found this collaborative approach to best support the survivors we serve. We strive to maintain good communication with other providers in the support circle (with the survivors' permission).

Free and Confidential Services

The Healing Center was created to offer a variety of holistic services for adult survivors of sexual trauma. We work hard to remove barriers that might prevent someone from accessing healing services, including financial barriers. We are grateful for the generosity of individual donors and Grant and Foundation donors that support our work, allowing us to offer ALL of our services completely free of charge to survivors and their loved ones. We believe healing is possible for everyone, including those who have suffered with long-term effects of sexual trauma. We are honored to be a part of the journey.

Sexual Abuse Services

The Healing Center focuses specifically on sexual trauma issues. We work with the many areas of life in which sexual trauma can have an impact. However, we do not offer general mental health counseling, alcohol and drug treatment, domestic abuse counseling, or other specializations. If a survivor wishes to address sexual trauma issues in addition to other issues such as these, we work in collaboration with that survivor's mental health therapist, AODA counselor, domestic violence advocate, etc.

Voluntary Services

Although we welcome referrals from probation and parole agents, case managers, etc. we believe very deeply that sexual trauma healing must be a voluntary process. Sexual abuse robs an individual of control and a sense of autonomy over one's life. It is imperative that we not be cast in the role of the abuser(s), "forcing" someone who would not otherwise choose to be here to work on these deep and vulnerable issues to avoid some threatened negative consequence. Services are not effective when survivors are forced to be here, and they are much less likely to ever seek our services again, even voluntarily. We try to make this very clear to those referred to us, and we ask for your cooperation as well. Please do not mandate anyone to services at The Healing Center. If you are working with someone who is genuinely seeking help for sexual abuse issues, please offer us as a non-mandatory resource.

Our Philosophical Values

  • Emphasis on removal of barriers
  • Working from a place of integrity
  • Offering everyone our deepest respect
  • Embracing diversity of staff, clients, and communities
  • Specific commitment to underserved and marginalized survivors
  • Raising awareness about sexual abuse in our communities
  • Recognizing sexual abuse as a public health epidemic and social justice issue
  • Offering open, non-judgmental support
  • Client centered, focusing on individual needs
  • Holistic care for the mind, body, and spirit
  • Trauma-informed, "best practice" care
  • Emphasis on service innovation
  • Working as an educated, supervised team
  • Strengths-focused, non-pathologizing approach
  • Commitment to services that are culturally relevant and contextual

How We Measure Success

The Healing Center is regularly evaluating every aspect of our services. We ask for frequent client feedback, formally and informally. We develop services based on that feedback. We also utilize a comprehensive outcome measurement system, tracking progress throughout a survivor's involvement in services. Feedback from other professionals is important too. Our Program Director wants to hear from you - good feedback is great but feedback about any difficulties, concerns, or suggestions for improvement is equally important! Lastly, we annually examine our progress and plan for the future; as we engage in this process we look first to our values - making sure we are honoring them fully as we grow.

Our Services

For a comprehensive list of services currently available to survivors and their loved ones, please contact us at 414-671-4325.