Hear it from those who say it best: survivors.

"When I come there, I feel very much at peace. I feel cared about. It has a healing atmosphere."

"I feel like I can be myself in group. When I am here during the day I feel so welcome."

"It's been very good. When I first called I was kind of nervous because I was looking for someone who had experience treating men. They welcomed me with just a very friendly attitude."

"It's taught me to set goals, even if I don't totally succeed in 100% accomplishment.

It's a place that cares about me, which I'm not used to."

"I am definitely more at home in my body, mind, spirit, emotions - I'm finally home - after decades of fleeing, freezing and fighting, I'm home free."

"Coming here was the best thing I have ever done. People are great."

“I’ve been here with The Healing Center since 2007. They have helped me a great deal with my healing. This is the best place to come.”

"I thought I was abnormal and defective. Meeting with women who have had similar experiences to mine - makes me feel normal. It makes me feel OK to be me."

"I've gotten to meet lots of women who are in different stages of the healing process, which gives me hope, understanding and confidence in my own healing process."

"The Healing Center has a feeling of peace and calmness to it. When I walk in, I truly feel that it is a refuge from the world and I am in a safe place."

“…The Healing Center taught me how to cope with art therapy and writing group. When I first came here, I only had a part-time support. I went back to school. Now I have a full time job and barely any nightmares.”